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Our Projects

DX Split units

The Split units come in the form of Mid-wall split units, Cassette split units, Hide-away split units and Air Handling Units. At Artecube we use the DX Splits for relatively small sized spaces to medium sized areas. Split units are ideal where there are limitations for the installation of both the evaporator and condenser together in the same space. The DX Split units also come in handy for Plantroom areas with no space for huge and long duct runs.

Roof top Packaged Units

We often use Rooftop Packages to air-condition Medium to Large areas with similar heat-load requirements. In such instances the air-conditioned areas /spaces can be a single zone. We normally couple the Rooftop Units with insulated ducting. In this case the ducting is internally insulated.


Chilled water systems

Artecube cc uses Chiller Air-conditioning systems for relatively large spaces. The Chilled water is generated in the Chiller and transferred to the evaporators via insulated chilled water pipes. Chilled water pipes can be galvanised or welded black-steel (mild steel) pipes and are insulated to prevent heat transfer losses. If exposed to the weather the chilled water pipes are cladded with steel sheet-metal to prevent weather damage.   

Fire Smoke Extraction

Artecube installed this smoke extraction system for the University Auditorium. The system comprises of three 1000dia Axial Fans with aluminium egg crate grilles as air terminals. The Fans and the electrically modulated Fire Dampers are sequenced by the Fire control panel which is connected to the fire detection system and shuts down the Roof top Packaged Air Handling units in the event of a fire.

Ducting installation in progress

Ducting is used to convey the air (Heat transfer fluid) in the case of air conditioning or just air in the case of fresh air or extraction. Artecube extensively installs ducting which can be spiral, circular or rectangular with or without insulation. Air-conditioning ducting is insulated to reduce heat transfer losses. The ducting can be internally or externally insulated. External insulation should be weather resistant if exposed to elements of weather. For Kitchen extraction we use mild steel or black steel ducts coupled to the Kitchen Canopies, but sometimes galvanised ducts are used although the gauge thickness will normally be increased to 1mm or higher.  


Ventilation Weather Louvres and Acoustic Louvres

Air Conditioning Equipment Plantrooms require ventilation in order to exhaust the excess heat rejected by the equipment and sometimes the louvres are provided to supply fresh air to the occupied space. When noise from the equipment is an excessive, Artecube uses acoustic louvres (as shown) in order to attenuate the noise from the Air conditioning equipment.